It's official, 'YOLO' has made it into the dictionary. There is no end in sight to the way pop culture and interenet slang are influencing the way we talk and communicate, and Oxford Dictionaries have reflected this by adding a raft of very modern terminology to their roster.

Although he didn't invent the term, Drake did try to obtain the trademark for 'YOLO'

However, it's important to know this isn't the official printed Oxford English Dictionary, which has quite strict rules about words being of historical merit before being considered for addition. The OED does however contain some terms that were popularised through internet use: 'OMG' and 'LOL' being two notable examples. 

Even so, the list of fifty words that will be added to Oxford Dictionaries, which deals with modern and current use of the English language, makes for pretty amusing reading. Terms such as 'YOLO' popularised by musician Drake and 'cray' notably heard on Jay-Z and Kanye West's 'Watch the Throne' album sit alongside 'bro-hug' and 'baller' as well as more conventional hot topic terms such as 'bedroom tax' and 'trigger warning'. 

There are even a few that people over the age of seventeen might struggle to decipher, such as 'ICYMI' (In case you missed it) and WDYT (What do you think?). In television-related slang, 'binge-watch' and 'catfish' are listed, the latter of which comes from the 2010 documentary film Catfish and spin-off television series about couples who meet online but discover one or both or them have been lying about their true identity. 

Making it into Oxford Dictionaries is no mean feat, but it will probably be a while before any of these words pop up on a school spelling test or in the Queen's annual Christmas speech. 

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