Drake's latest single 'Hold On We're Going Home' has finally got a video to match and it sees the Toronto born rapper return to an acting role.

The 7 minute video video, set in Miami 1985, starts with Drake, who is portrayed as some sort of big time drugs dealer, and his crew celebrating in a Miami nightclub.

Fellow rapper A$AP Rocky is making a toast for the completed mission that began three years ago, but the good times some stopped as it is revealed Drake's girlfriend has been kidnapped by an unnamed adversary.

Drake has obviously taken or most likely stolen something from the powerful kidnapper as he says to the terrified women, he in turn has "taken what is his".

The music begins and after Drake has flashbacks of time he spent with his lover, the crew arm themselves with an arsenal of guns and storm the 'bad guys' in a shootout, motivated by love.

The video indicates how it was an inside job as one of the loyal crew members whispers "he's a rat" to Drake, who then proceeds to shoot the traitor in the head.

The director of the video was celebrated cinematographer Bill Pope, who also worked on the 1999 box office hit 'The Matrix' and Drake told MTV News "basically it's a video full of acting because I'm dying to get back into acting," he added "so there's actually no performance in the video - it's all acting. A$AP's in it as well, plus a lot of different cameos, but it's a story-based video."

The 26 year old also stated that he is open to any sort of acting return as he would do "TV shows and movies,", expressing "[He's] excited about that."

In a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, Drake thought this track is something you would dance ata wedding to, but the video tells a different story.

'Hold on We're going home' is the hit singe from Drake's new album 'Nothing Was The Same' that was released today (Spetember 24th 2013).

Watch the music video 'Hold On We're Going Home' Below

Drake ~ Hold On We're Going Home from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.