More than a year after their highly entertaining and one-sided ‘beef’, Drake has decided to reignite his feud with rap rival Meek Mill by calling him a “p***y” onstage during a concert.

The Canadian multi-platinum rapper, who is currently touring his new album Views, was in Meek Mill’s hometown on Philadelphia when he made the decision to reload and aim both barrels at the rapper, unleashing a series of disses during his gig at the Wells Fargo Center on Sunday night (August 21st).

DrakeDrake has once again dissed Meek Mill

The night before, performing in Washington D.C., Drake specifically called Mill a “p***y”, and on Sunday he changed the lyrics of his track ‘Still Here’ to suggest that Mill might not really be from Philly after all, rapping “you not really from Philly and they can tell”.

“Just remember when you watch that video over and over tonight, it's not about your city,” Drake said after the song for good measure, in front of a roaring crowd of devotees. “I love your city. You did that s*** to your mother***in' self, boy.”

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According to entertainment site Uproxxx, Mill responded in an Instagram post he’s since deleted saying that Drake had “Philadelphia SWAT” with him backstage when he attempted to confront him with his entourage.

Meek MillMeek Mill in 2015

The beef, if you can recall, started back in July 2015 when Mill – who was a lesser-known rapper but had recently celebrated his own first Billboard chart topping album Dreams Worth More Than Money – suggested in a tweet that the million-selling Drake used ghostwriters.

This was soon disproved, and Mill seemed to begrudgingly apologise days later while touring in support of his girlfriend Nicki Minaj. Less than a week after that, however, Drake unleashed a handful of diss tracks in response that blew Mill’s attempts at replying out of the water.

Meek Mill has since been involved in legal trouble, confined to house arrest from February until June this year after violating parole relating to a conviction of drug dealing and gun possession that dates back to 2008.

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