Drake wants to know what you really think of him.

The Canadian rap star wore a disguise and took to the streets of Los Angeles to ask the unsuspecting public what they really thought about Drake?

The stunt took place while the 27 year-old appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' this Thursday (April 10th) on an edition of 'Lie Witness News.'

"You're in the public eye," Jimmy Kimmel said to his guest. "You know sometimes it's hard to figure out what people really think, because in person people are nice. 'Cause you could punch them in person."

"Yes exactly," Drake replied.

"But online, they're not nice because you can't," the talk-show host told the 'Hold On We're Going Home' rapper. "So, anyway, so today, Drake tried his hand at a version of Lie Witness News. We disguised you, we sent Drake out on Hollywood Boulevard to ask pedestrians what they think about Drake."

While wearing a wig, fake beard and a pair of glasses, Drake asked the LA pedestrians what they really thought of him, and a few of the answers are utterly hilarious.

"How do you feel about rapper Drake refusing to acknowledge Caucasian athletes at the ESPYs?" he asked.

"I think its baloney .everybody should be treated equally, hopefully it will impact his career, too, in a negative way," a man said on the street.

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Another man, who is definitely not a fan, said, "I don't like Drake, I think he's an actor, he's not a real rapper."

"Drake, hey, I think you suck," the hip hop star replied, mocking himself.

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Drake finally unveiled who it really was at the end of the fake interview, and the street walkers were very shocked to say the least.

Watch Drake's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel below