Review of Latin Player Single by Dr Rubberfunk

Dr Rubberfunk

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Dr Rubberfunk - Latin Player Reviewed
Dr Rubberfunk

Latin Player

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When you find a single by a guy called DR Rubberfunk, even the name gets you in a seriously funky vibe. It would be an insult not to be! Latin Player isn't as funky as we were brought on to think, the track isn't a disappointment though, quite the opposite it's a vocal free lounge track brought to life with a Latino style guitar. I'm sure everyone will be hearing more of this track. The single also features a remix of the track, which introduces many samples mainly that sound like they have been taken off classic arcade games. The final track on the single is called Come on In & Get Some, this is closer to the kind of track you would expect from someone called rubberfunk, with great scrathing, vocals and funky beats, I like what I'm hearing.

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