Cory Brand may be a hero when it comes to professional baseball, but when it comes to dealing with his personal life, he hasn't got a clue. When his alcohol abuse gets out of control, he is caught driving under the influence and subsequently manages to lose his job and his fans' respect. In order to get back on the field, he must return to his home town Okmulgee in Oklahoma and take his brother's place as a coach for the local youth baseball team as well as attend the only 8-week program available there that aims to bring him redemption and salvation in the eyes of God. As well as this, he is forced to face his demons as he revisits his past traumas and the people he has shunned and traumatised in the past. After running through his whole career, he now has nowhere left to run until he can find a way to free himself from the distress of his past and be able to look forward to a brighter future.

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