Donna Air's daughter is her harshest fashion critic.

The 36-year-old model - who is currently dating the Duchess of Cambridge's 28-year-old brother James Middleton - admitted her daughter, Freya, 12, gives her ''brutally honest'' style advice.

Speaking to YOU Magazine, she explained: ''I get ready for an event thinking I look quite good - then I get slapped down by Freya, who will say, 'Nooo Mum, if you wear that you'll end up on the Worst Dressed pages of the papers tomorrow', which is a brutally honest reality check.

''Daughters just want their mums to look and act mumsy. I have a rail of outfits that Freya deems acceptable for when I turn up at her school.''

Freya's father is Donna's former partner Damian Aspinall.

Donna also revealed that despite her slim frame, she doesn't watch her weight and can eat whatever she wants.

She explained: ''I love my food: stews, roasts, hearty soups. I don't get all the fuss about carbs. I couldn't live without pasta and bread. But I've always been slightly built.

''Freya, who's now taller than me, calls me 'Little Mummy', and I've been nicknamed 'Little Bird' by friends for so long.''