Donald Trump has revealed he warned Brooke Mueller's parents not to let their daughter marry Charlie Sheen.
The actor exchanged vows with his third wife in 2008 and they became parents to twin boys in 2009, but a bust-up between the pair later that year (09) resulted in an assault conviction and jail time for the star, and the couple subsequently split.
Trump has now revealed he knows Mueller's parents, as they are members of his Florida country club, and he warned them about the troubled actor.
He tells TV host David Letterman, "I really got to know (Sheen) fairly well... (Brooke Mueller's parents), they were all excited (about the wedding). And I said, you know, I told the parents, 'I think he's a wonderful guy, I really like him a lot but you cannot let your daughter marry him'. (They said) 'Oh, he's Charlie Sheen, he's wonderful, he's such a wonderful guy... ' I said, 'Listen, you can't do it.' And they got married and it wasn't one of the greater marriages."