Property tycoon-turned-US reality TV star Donald Trump has confessed to a phobia of shaking people's hands - because he's terrified of catching diseases from others.

Appearing on CNN show Larry King LIVE on Tuesday (17MAY05), Trump shook the talk show host's hand and then asked for a wipe, while shaking the hand that had just made contact with King.

When asked to explain himself, Trump said, "I had a guy walk in my office the other day; he's obviously suffering. He comes up, 'Donald, Donald, how are you, shakes my hand, grabs me, hugs me.'

"I say, 'How are you doing?' He says, 'Oh, I'm so sick, I have a terrible flu...' For three days I'm worried about catching a flu.

"It's true, this is what happens. It's ridiculous... Do I shake hands? Yes... but it's not something I like. Look, I'm not a huge fan of Japan, but I love their custom (of nodding their greetings)."

19/05/2005 02:42