Transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova continues to make headlines in the lead up to the Miss Universe competition, this time angering hotel guests by stripping down to her bikini for a photo shoot at the Hotel Wilshire in Los Angeles. Talackova - who was born male - has been reinstated into the beauty pageant after initially being banned by organizers.

Jenna appeared to celebrate her entry into the competition by posing for bikini shots beside the hotel room this week, after her luxury room wasn't ready on-time. The shoot moved to the pool, right outside the 'Roof on Wilshire' restaurant, where diners weren't too pleased. According to, the restaurant staff asked Jenna and her crew to stop shooting, insisting it was interfering with their business. Sources say the model refused to budge and hotel bosses were called to the scene and alerted Talackova that her room was ready for the shoot.

Jenna's attorney Gloria Allred, who went head-to-head with Donald Trump over Talakova's inclusion into the pageant, said the photo-shoot was for a Canadian documentary and that the hotel later apologized for their behaviour.