The producers of property tycoon Donald Trump's hit US reality TV show The Apprentice have been rocked by a new scandal - one of their current contestants was once a lap-dancer called ECSTASY.

Sexy Russian-born businesswoman ALLA WARTENBERG (corr) is now the owner of a string of spas, but a decade ago she was a top-earning stripper in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Scandal-exploding website has exposed Wartenberg's sleazy past after reporters discovered court papers alleging she was once a favourite of Death Row murderer ROBERT ACREMANT (corr).

Trump and the show's producer are planning to weave Wartenburg's past, which she didn't divulge during auditions, into the hit programme.

The tycoon says, "She came in as a beautiful, smart Russian girl and she gets exposed as a not-so-innocent, beautiful, smart Russian girl."