Donald Trump found himself totally dumbfounded by his Celebrity Apprentice contestants this week, as – somehow – business mishap Omarosa managed to escape the fate of being hauled into the board room before Donald Trump at the end of the show. Therefore: no firing for Omarosa. She lives to fight another round, despite being a “huge hassle” for her team and “costing them the challenge,” according to Huffington Post.

It’s unclear exactly what’s going on but to make matters even more bizarre, this is exactly what happened previously in the show, when LaToya Jackson was project manager and refused to bring the meddling Omarosa to the board room. This time, though, it was Claudia Jordan calling the shots. Trump didn’t hide his dismay at the terrible decision and revealed his own theory about why Omarosa had been protected from the chop. “In the history of The Apprentice, 13 seasons, top show. I’ve been surprised, really, a few times," Trump told the contestants sat before him. "I think it’s a stupid decision." He went on to say “Sometimes it helps to have a really bad reputation. Now, I’m not saying that Omarosa has a bad reputation, but she does,” said Trump, slyly making his feelings known.

Despite bringing Dennis Rodman and Lil John into the board room with her, it was Jordan who found herself heading home; paying the price for her bad decision. 

Donald Trump
Donald Trump: pictured here in New York