The former partners of Donald Trump, Sylvester Stallone and Kevin Federline have turned their failed relationships into a TV show. Marla Maples, Trump's ex-wife, Angie Everhart, Stallone's ex-wife and Shar Jackson, Federline's former girlfriend and mother of two of his children, have joined forces for the Ex-Wives Club, a new series hoping to change people's lives through their combined experience of unsuccessful partnerships. But the trio insist they shouldn't be typecast as simply former wives and girlfriends on the arms of famous men. Maples tells U.S. TV host Larry King, "Producer Andrew Glassman came to me with an idea. When I heard the title, I said 'Don't put me in a box. I don't see myself just as an ex-wife. I see myself as so much more' and then he told me the creative reason for it. And it's truly about stepping out and sharing what we've learned to help other people and that's what life is for. I mean, if we don't learn from all of the difficulties, then how do we grow as a person?'" However, her former husband Trump isn't too happy about the show's premise - and believes his ex-wife "isn't allowed" to take part. He tells King, "I spoke to Marla about it. As you know she's not allowed to do it because we have a thing called an agreement. It's called a prenuptial agreement. She's not allowed to be doing that. "But I haven't seen it yet. If I look at it, I will tell you whether or not I approve. But she's a nice person. We have a very beautiful daughter and Marla is a very nice person. So I hope it's OK. But she's absolutely not allowed to be doing it."