Donald Trump’s Miss Universe Organization has been awarded a whopping $5 million in a lawsuit against the former Miss Pennsylvania, Sheena Monnin. In June, Monnin made some rather noisy public declarations, claiming that the Miss USA beauty pageant was fixed and Trump’s company came down hard on her, arguing that it was not the case at all and that everything was fair and above board.

Magistrate Judge Theodore H. Katz reportedly ruled that Monnin had defamed the Miss Universe Organization with her claims and said that they were “false” and “showed a reckless disregard” for the organization. The judge also came to the conclusion that “the method in which the Miss USA Pageant is judged… precludes any reasonable possibility that the judging was rigged.” So, it looks like Monnin has ended up with egg on her face and an empty bank account, according to the report from the New York Post. A spokesperson for the organization said “We are pleased that the integrity of the Miss USA Pageant remains intact” and hey, heaven forbid that the ‘integrity’ of a subjective beauty pageant could be called into question, eh folks?

As for Monnin, she’s remaining positive about the whole thing and wrote on her Facebook profile “I'm so thankful for LIFE and all of the beauty that it holds. Tough times will come, but it's how we handle each difficulty that will determine the path ahead.” You go, girl!