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Secret In Their Eyes Trailer

Ray is a dedicated FBI investigator with a crush on his District Attorney supervisor Claire and a close friendship with his partner Jess. However, all those whimsical circumstances are thrown out of the window when a corpse is discovered in a dumpster in LA. Ray discovers that it's the mutilated body of Jess' teenage daughter, and the devastated pair set out on a vengeful mission to find the perpetrator. Unfortunately, the suspect they pick up - of whose guilt they are convinced - they are forced to let go when no solid evidence is found. Thirteen years later, Ray returns with a new lead, having spent every evening since searching through the US prison system for their murderer. But this time, they're thinking of bringing him down their own way.

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Vice Trailer

Imagine a world where all your deepest darkest fantasies can be played out with no repercussions. That's exactly what Julian Michaels' new resort Vice offers; a glimpse into the lawless world of crime and illicit sex for the usual casual observers, but where everything is reset at the end of their vacation. Populating the resort are artificially intelligent androids, whose memories are wiped at the end of each day. Heavily against the idea of allowing people to indulge in their most depraved desires is Roy; a vigilante who crashes the resort and meets Kelly - a robot who it appears has become slightly damaged after experiencing a series of flashbacks. As she is taken away for repairs, she escapes the facility and ends up teaming with her designer in a bid to save humanity from destroying itself.

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Taken 3 Trailer

Things are finally quieting down for Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson). After the ex-special forces operative tracked down and returned his daughter (Maggie Grace), then his wife (Famke Janssen) following their captures, Mills is now settling into a normal life in Los Angeles. But when his wife is suddenly murdered by an unknown villain, Mills finds himself accused and ends up on the run from the LAPD. Inspector Franck Dotzler (Forest Whitaker) heads up the investigation against Mills and orders him to give himself up. But Mills is not going down until he looks for his wife’s murderer, finds them, and kills them. 

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The Prince Trailer

Paul (Jason Patric) used to be a major figure in the Las Vegas crime world - known by his rivals as 'The Prince - before retiring to life as a mechanic in Mississippi as the single father of his growing daughter Angela (Jessica Lowndes). However, his past is coming back to haunt him as one former rival, Omar (Bruce Willis), just can't let his grudge rest. Angela is kidnapped, forcing Paul to face his enemies once again; he travels down to where he believes she has been taken after taking advice from an old friend named Sam (John Cusack). He's still got the weapons and he's definitely still got his formidable fighting skills, but after living in peace for so long, will he be able to save the only person left in his life? Omar's betting he won't, and even he does, he's still got lots to explain to his angry and confused daughter about his dark past.

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Noah - Featurette

The cast and crew of ‘Noah’; director Darren Aronofsky, actors Russell Crowe and Emma Watson, and production designer Mark Friedberg; discuss the creation of the ark on set in a short featurette.

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Noah - Extended Trailer

Noah is a normal family man faced with major responsibility when his dark visions lead him to see God's plan to wipe out the corrupt humanity that has plagued his Earth. When he realises that a great flood will be the disaster that will destroy all life, he subsequently sees that a new life will come after it that he must help to re-create. He and his family decide to build a colossal ark to keep them safe from the oncoming catastrophe, and thus use it to save the planet's animals as well. However, the fact that they have been blessed to live has angered their fellow neighbours, who band together in an attempt to seize the ark and save themselves. In an extraordinary turnaround, Noah and his family find themselves facing the bigger threat of their own people, rather than the deadly wrath of the Lord himself.

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Noah Trailer

When Noah is faced with a dark message from God thanks to his gift of envisioning the future, he realises he is the only person who can save the world. The Lord is angry with the entirety of humanity for their increasingly violent behaviour, and is thus forced to oversee an enormous flood deadly enough to wipe out all people and animals on the planet. Noah and his family are the only humans on the planet who God is willing to save, and so they build an ark big enough to home two of every animal as well as themselves as God attempts to start over again. However, when word gets around that Noah is given the gift of survival while everybody else is doomed to die, naturally a siege ensues and Noah must protect himself and his family against more than one great threat.

This Biblical dystopian tale is based on the Genesis story 'Noah's Ark' which depicts an apocalyptic flood destroying mankind. It has been directed by Darren Aronofsky ('Black Swan', 'The Wrestler', 'Requiem for a Dream ') who co-wrote the screenplay alongside his previous collaborator Ari Handel ('The Fountain'). 'Noah' will be released next year on March 28th 2014.

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Casualties Of War Review

Vietnam War movies are always tough to watch, especially for those of us who go through life burdened with liberal guilt. But of all the Vietnam movies out there, none is more painful to watch -- and paradoxically more beautifully shot -- than Casualties of War, in which all of director Brian De Palma's prodigious talents are in full effect. To steal a line from another Vietnam classic: "The horror..."

Based on an allegedly true event that was reported in the New Yorker, Casualties is a stripped-down tale of a small platoon of Army grunts who head into the jungle only to lose their humanity, a trope that has traveled from Conrad to Coppola to here. It's Satan in paradise, wreaking havoc and leaving unexplainable carnage behind.

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Eight Men Out Review

When the White Sox lost the 1919 World Series, baseball's first scandal was born. We've seen bigger and better rows since then, but the Black Sox of 1919, with star player "Shoeless" Joe Jackson front and center, might be the most timeless. Cusack steals the show as George Weaver, who protested his innocence all the way. But it's the stories (Sayles's best film) of how baseball mistreated its stars and how gangs ran just about everything in Chicago that make the movie worthwhile.

Tank Girl Review

Lori Petty, America's number one Madonna wannabe, is back in action as Tank Girl, a comic book character come to life. Actually, the whole movie is a comic book come to life. Live action is spliced with still shots of comic strip panels and some full-motion animation, so if you get bored with the live-action part of this picture (and you probably will), at least you can look at the cartoons.

Not that these bits are any more entertaining, but at least they're a change of pace from the dull storyline. The filmmakers use them any time there is the possibility for a neat special effect or some potential for plot development, so they don't waste any money on actually interesting footage, instead copping out to some goofball crayon scribbling.

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Clockenflap - 2015 Live Review

Clockenflap - 2015 Live Review

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Adele's '25' Sells 3.38 Million Copies In US, Breaking Chart Record

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