Don Cornelius son Tony is struggling to understand the view that his father committed suicide last week. The 75 year-old pioneer of music television, who launched 'Soul Train' back in 1970 with a budget of just $400 and went on to showcase a variety of soul and R&B legend who would go on to become globally known stars, was found dead last week in his home from a gunshot wound that police believe was self-inflicted.
However, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Tony said he hadn't see any signs of suicidal tendencies from his father. "There were no signs of anything like that," the younger Cornelius commented, "Many people can tell you they spoke to him, they talked to him, he was smiling when they saw him." Seeking to make sense of the tragedy, Cornelius junior ruminated on his father's success in the business "When it comes to the industry, he had done everything he wanted to do. He had been everywhere he wanted to be, there was nothing he had not experienced."
Cornelius then went on to suggest that if anything had got his father down it would perhaps be his help, commenting on an aneurysm he had in the early 90s and how it had affected him since. "When you're struck with that kind of problem, it affects other parts of your body. He could get around well [but] he was frustrated by his health."