Dominic Cooper ''shies away'' from watching his own films.

The 34-year-old actor admits he isn't very interested in gauging how strangers respond to his movies as he doesn't know whether they are being genuine, whereas with his family and friends he can trust their opinions.

When asked whether he watches his own films in the cinema to study the audience's reaction, he replied: ''I'm starting to shy away from watching them at all. I sense a reaction from people I love, who I know are honest. The things I am really proud of I like to see on the big screen ... ''

Although Dominic hasn't watched his musical film 'Mamma Mia!' a ''great deal'', he loved being a part of the feature - where he met his ex-girlfriend Amanda Seyfried - and thinks it raised his bar if to be offered a similar role in the future.

Quizzed about the possibility of staring in another song-filled flick, Dominic told ShortList magazine: ''It depends what it is. 'Mamma Mia!' was fantastic, as so many people responded to it. it was in a beautiful place, didn't take itself seriously and the music is incredible.

''It brings happiness to people who don't have a great deal in their lives.''

Five years on from the release of the film, the handsome actor finds he isn't recognised from his role of Sky anymore due to his changing looks.

He joked: ''I certainly don't look like the person they remember from 'Mamma Mia!' The creams aren't working well.''