Dominic Cooper loves fast cars.

The 34-year-old actor is currently filming the big-screen adaptation of video game 'Need for Speed' - which follows a street racer who leaves prison and seeks revenge against the wealthy businessman who framed him - and is enjoying getting being behind the wheel of expensive vehicles during filming.

When asked whether he's a fast driver, Dominic replied: ''I'd like to think so - I've always loved cars. I'm driving a Lamborghini Elemento - there's only three in the world.

''We're being driven by racing drivers, so the terror on our faces is real.''

Dominic - who previously dated his 'Mamma Mia!' co-star Amanda Seyfried - recently portrayed James Bond author IAN FLEMING in a TV biopic and was fascinated by the life of the man behind the fictional British spy.

He told ShortList magazine: ''I thought I would portray him as he saw himself - he would have loved to have been James Bond. That's how he thought others saw him.

''He was quite a difficult, complex, old-fashioned man in his treatment of women. So he was a slightly failed Bond - he went through all the procedures to become a spy and didn't quite have the nerve.

''But he was terribly imaginative and came up with some important revelations about how the Nazis were working.''

When asked whether he thinks that opportunity was the closest he'll ever come to playing Bond himself, Dominic quipped: ''I'd like to get closer. I thought in the biopic I'd have a cool car, but I was driving Russian tanks. 'Where's the Aston Martin?' I was saying.''