Country legend Dolly Parton pulled herself back from the brink of suicide in the '80s, by refusing to let herself wallow in pity anymore.

The NINE TO FIVE singer, now 58, suffered from depression so badly that at one point she could see no other way out - until she decided to get on with her life without any professional help.

She says, "There was a time when I was going through the whole female thing with my hormones and I gained weight and that was a very down time for me. It lasted for about 18 months.

"I am a spiritual person so I prayed, but I also have good family and friends so I leaned on them a lot. I never went to a psychiatrist.

"One day I found the answer and told myself, 'Just get off your fat a*s and get back in line or get on with it and blow your head off.'

"I just realised it was easier to wallow in sorrow, fat and lard."

08/12/2004 02:52