Dolly Parton's husband doesn't like her music.

The 'Jolene' hitmaker has been married to Carl Thomas Dean for 48 years, and though they know everything about one another, she admits that doesn't mean they have the same tastes.

She said: ''I know every line in his face and he knows every hair in my wig. He's not particularly [a fan of my songs], but he loves me. He loves me.''

Dolly also confirmed rumours she has a number of tattoos, but refused to show them off, insisting they are just for her husband to see.

She said: I do have a few little tattoos, but they were mostly done to cover scars because I'm so fair.

''I have a few, but they're mostly for my husband.''

The 68-year-old country legend - who has just released her 42nd album 'Blue Smoke' - finds it ''amazing'' that she has been able to keep up with changes in the music industry and stay relevant.

Speaking on 'TODAY', she said: ''It's just amazing to me, how I came from back when we started in the music business. ... And now it's just everything is all this high tech.

''I've just been dragged screaming and kicking into the 21st Century. ... It's wonderful that I'm still here. I say I'm as old as yesterday but hopefully as new as tomorrow.''