Dolly Parton has broken her silence about a recent car accident that led to a hospital visit for treatment, insisting it could have been a lot worse if her best friend had been driving faster.

The country music legend had fans concerned after a car she was a passenger in was involved in a collision with another vehicle near her home in Tennessee last week (ends25Oct13).

Parton took to to assure fans she was Ok and resting up at home after a brief hospital visit, and now she has opened up about the crash, telling Country Weekly magazine, "Judy, my best friend, and I were heading to the studio to finish up Blue Smoke, my record, and this lady just pulled out in front of us and we hit her. It wasn’t that hard. Thank goodness we weren’t going that fast.

"Nobody’s airbags inflated or deflated - mine or (the) Nissan’s. We were fine. Just a little sore and bruised where the seatbelt went across."

Parton reveals the accident was her first car crash: "I’ve never been in anything like this. All of a sudden, you just feel the pressure in your chest. But we’re good, we’re fine, thanks for the concern."