The advent of on demand services are slowly revolutionising audience experiences of media consumption, whether it be radio, television or films, iPlayer, Netflix, 4oD and TeVo are all part of the revolution.

iPlayer is currently the biggest on demand service in the UK and in its 5th year is available on over 650 devices and other platforms, making it the most accessible, plus with over 200million requests in just a month during October, it's a clear success. Now that it's available directly on televisions as well as on laptops, phones, tablets and through games consoles, figures are only expected to rise. The Christmas period saw it become even more popular.

As the BBC reports, January 1st this year saw over 6.7million requests for shows, the high of the season. All together though, from December 22nd- January 1st the online service provided audiences with 77million views. 

Most popular show in that period was Eastenders with 6 of its episodes appearing in the top 20, however even the London based soap couldn't stop the tour-de-force that is the Christmas tradition of the Dr Who Christmas Special. Plenty of other Christmas specials were requested by viewers for a catch up watch, or a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th viewing, including the specials for Miranda, Call the Midwife, Outnumbered, The Royle Family and both episodes of Mrs Brown's Boys.