Dr Who returned to our screens for series 33 on Saturday night and was not only joined by soon-to-be-new assistant Clara Oswin, played by Jenna-louise Coleman, but by the much more sinister return of the Daleks.

The Doctor, portrayed in its latest incarnation by Matt Smith, did little to disappoint fans as he and current sidekick Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, were summoned into the Parliament of the sinister Daleks in what for the first time in some thirty years was a clear demonstration that the wheel-bound Daleks could still be scary.

The series opener saw the Doctor and his three companions, (the third being Arthur Darvill's Rory Williams) being summoned in front of a mass assembly of the show's first notable villains, however this time he was here to help save the Daleks. Save them from what exactly? Well the only thing worse than Daleks can only be another planet built by the menacing race and filled with other Daleks that have gotten out of control and deemed, even by the Dalek's standards, to be far too insane, irate, hate-filled and unnecessarily sadistic for your average Dalek.

Whilst the plot may look a little hard to get your head around at first, the episode flowed fantastically, helped along by the brilliant performances of the four humanoid characters but not least by the real stars of the shows, the Daleks themselves.