Review of What's Hideous? Single by Do Me Bad Things

Do Me Bad Things

Do Me Bad Things- What’s Hideous? - Single Review

Do Me Bad Things

What’s Hideous?

What can you say about a record that’s this great? The second single from super-glam rock ‘n’ soul pioneers DMBT is a pop sandwich so tasty and slathered with relish that Elvis himself would’ve chartered a special flight just to get a bite.

Flipping an E.T.-sized middle-finger to music business conventions, DMBT manage to blend disparate musical genres so seamlessly that they’ll have you believing that Beyonce Knowles is the singer with

Do Me Bad Things - What’s Hideous? - Single Review

Black Crowes, and that Luther Van Dross left AC/DC to pursue a solo career.

This record sounds like a Champagne and dwarf-tossing party at Elton John’s Los Angeles mansion. Brutal guitars, bone-dry grooves and up-front rare-groove / street-soul vocals, combine to form an experience so invigorating that you’ll want to get your stereo ambulance drunk and spend the rest of the night making sweet, sweet love to it.

What’s Hideous? I don’t know, but one thing’s for damn sure … This ain’t.