That DMX, he’s a good lad really? I mean sure he’s spent more time in jail than we have outdoors - there’s so many they have to divide them by year on Wikipedia – and he’s also been up before the beak for unfounded charges of things like rape and sodomy, but when it comes to Christmas time all evidently must be forgiven, and so we must chuckle at this family friendly version of Rudolph The Red Nose reindeer that the rapper – real name Earl Simmons – gave to US rap radio station Power 105.

Indeed, for a man who has written lyrics about promising to kill Drake should he ever see him again, and who has had a past vicious feud with fellow MC Ja Rule, this performance seems quite out of character for the hardcore rapper. No cussin’, even a bit of singing, although he doesn’t lose that gravelly tone of voice for one bit, giving the whole thing a bit of an air of menace. What adds to the piece though is the fact that his many necklaces jangle freely around his neck, giving the impression of sleigh bells. Aww.

He also shouts “What!” a lot. But we’ve come to expect that. Watch below!