Tough guy rapper DMX ditched a life of crime when he heard Atlantic Starr's smash-hit SILVER SHADOW, because the emotive lyrics touched him so deeply. The rap star, real name EARL SIMMONS, recalls returning home after a robbery and hearing the tune blasting from a neighbour's apartment. He says, "I stopped right in my tracks. If you hear the words to that song, you'd know how it predicted my life to me... That's when I started writing seriously." DMX only wishes his peers had taken more time to listen to well-thought-out lyrics - because it would stop them rapping about sex and bling. The rapper tells Rolling Stone magazine, "If all you wanna talk about is a**es and jewellery and cars, it shows a real shallowness. "Rap, from my perspective, is totally the opposite - it's the only voice we have. I'm like, 'Damn, this is the picture you paint of us?' S**t like, 'I wanna b**ch with a fat a**.'"