Dj Yoda Releases New Single 'Happy' Featuring A Boy Called George On September 17th 2012

Dj Yoda Releases New Single 'Happy' Featuring A Boy Called George On September 17th 2012

Heralding the release of his forthcoming album, lead single Happy' brings together DJ Yoda and A Boy Called George - aka Boy George - for a welcome dose of sunshine. This "slinky electro calypso" fuses world-beats with clubby twists to deliver an intoxicating confection.

As the leading light of the scratch/hip hop scene at the turn of the millennium, DJ Yoda went on to pioneer the VJing format of live performance. His last album, The Amazing Adventures of DJ Yoda, was released to critical acclaim. Retaining all the humour and entertainment of his regular DJ mixes, it presented a pastiche of giddy enthusiasm and eclectic worldliness, all with an undeniable sense of glee.

On his forthcoming album, DJ Yoda focuses more on the traditional album format, making the tracks more of a coherent production 'job' than his previous efforts of cutting-and-splicing musical elements together.

His collaboration with Boy George is one of many that will feature. As Yoda explains - "It wasn't like I sat down and thought, "Now I need to make something more pop-sounding." It just ended up like that. It came together sounding a lot more melodic than stuff I'd done before. I wanted it to sound like all my different influences, not just one kind of thing...I heard George's cover of Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' and thought 'Oh my God, George's voice is incredible."

Boy George meanwhile, liked the challenge of interpreting a song with such an upbeat title - "Absolutely loved working on the Yoda track and I have yet to meet him which is I suppose a tribute to modern technology and the way electronic music is made. Yoda sent me a backing track and he had called it 'Happy' and that presented a challenge because I do melancholy better than joy. I guess I could have changed the title but I felt it would be good to enter the realms of joy as a writer. I felt the track has a kind of African feel rhythmically which is why I used a little Nigerian phrase which is basically "hi, how are you!"

Happy comes with mixes from Skream, Zombie Disco Squad and DJ Yoda's extended mix and another brand new track 'Charlie Sheen' featuring Greg Nice (of hip hop outfit Nice & Smooth) that also features on the new record.

DJ Yoda will be touring in support of the album in October. Full details on the tour and album will be announced shortly.