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The Amazing Adventures of DJ Yoda
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DJ Yoda The Amazing Adventures of DJ Yoda Album

Oh that who I think it is?? is.its DJ Yoda, with yet another album of chopped up beats and samples that would give your grandparents motion sickness. This is 'The Amazing Adventures of DJ Yoda', hmmm. If he says so. Lets have a look.

The album opens quite well. 'Intro' is a nicely assembled melancholy electro tune, with the usual scratches and tweaks. However, this tone doesn't last long, as with most DJ Yoda releases, just as you've got into what he's doing, he's switched it. I have to give it to him, its impressive just how many variations on the sample 'oh yeah' this guy has, he must have a flight case full of that alone. On top of that, he pulls out more references to his name, and the world of the Jedi than you would imagine has ever been talked about. Anyway, back to what's happening, and before I know it, it's track 6. Although this as a playfully upbeat affair, it couldn't be called a party album, as the pace is too fast to hold a crowd. This is definitely hip-hop for the TV generation, with an attention span comparable to that of a goldfish with Alzheimer's. Although, wait a minute. The minute we hear a collaboration (this time with Biz Markie) the track length is suddenly a lot longer, it's currently clocked at over 3 minutes, can he make it to Back into the sample laden scratch-fest. Then another collaboration, with the Jungle Brothers, then another sample laden scratch-fest..what's this? Then another collaboration? I think you get the gist.

Well, at least he's stuck to his guns. I guess I was hoping for something new, something more. More fool me, and more fool you if you were thinking that way aswell. Also, I'm sure that he's used a few beats that he's used before.Regardless, this will please fans of turntablism, but the appeal I feel will not go any further than that. Less 'The Amazing Adventures of DJ Yoda' more 'The Insipid Adventures of DJ Yoda'.

Thom Holmes

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