Everywhere you turn these days, the techo-rave revolution is erupting. Feature articles in major magazines focusing on sound artists such as Moby, Crystal Method, and Goldie. Countless commercials fueled by throbbing electronic beats. My grandmother discussing the finer points of Fatboy Slim's mixing techniques with me. Art-house films keeping the plot moving with the soothing noise of Underworld and Bedrock. My ghetto superstar brother Crackbaby constructing beats at raves in Northern California every weekend. And a total of three new films coming out in the short span of two months dissecting this underground culture that's rising the eyes and ears of the masses.

For one to understand this musical phenomenon, the new documentary Better Living Through Circuitry is a solid foundation for converting the facelessness of its subculture to a human level of understanding. The documentary focuses upon many aspects of the scene - the participants, the promoters, the DJs, and the techno-artists/producers. The film provides insightful, candid interviews that clearly translate the determination and the passion of these individuals. And I was equally impressed by the collection of artists included in the production: Crystal Method, Moby, DJ Spooky, Carl Cox, Electric Skychurch, Wolfgang Flur of Kraftwerk, Frankie Bones, Meat Beat Manifesto, Juno Reactor, BT, Scanner, Atomic Babies, Roni Size, Superstar DJ Keoki, Lords of Acid, System 7, Death in Vegas.

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