Review of Red Black & Blue Album by DJ Mehdi

Review of DJ Mehdi's album Red Black & Blue

DJ Mehdi Red Black & Blue Album

French stalwart DJ Mehdi, now signed to Ed Banger Records, releases 'Red Black & Blue' on the label. Hip Hop has always been Mehdi's thing however his collaborations stem from other great French acts like Daft Punk. Indeed 'Red Black & Blue' seems to float along through a journey of influences that are far from hip hop but certainly hip.

'Red Black & Blue' is a collection of tracks remixed by DJ Mehdi. Indeed the choice of artists is certainly cool with the likes of CSS, Santigold and some cool French artists like Etienne De Crecy and Sebastian Tellier. If you know Mehdi for hip hop you may be surprised with this but for me it has a coolness and ease that has progressed nicely on his previous work. If you like contemporary music I think you'd find it hard not to like it.

I think 'Red Black & Blue' is a cool album. His remixes create a different feel to many of the tracks and keeps it all flowing. I liked Busy P's 'To Protect And Entertain' and judging by this it was certainly a good move to go to Ed Banger.

Tareck Ghoneim

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