Review of Contrast Album by DJ Kentaro

Japanese DJ/Producer is a master turntablist and, if you've never seen him, you would be blown away by his apparent skill and dexterity as an artist! Having made a name for himself in hip hop circles and winning the DMC World DJ Final in 2001 and 2002 at the age of 20, there was no denying the talent of DJ Kentaro. Signed to Ninja Tune since 2005 he releases his fourth album on the label.

DJ Kentaro Contrast Album

'Contrast' was always going to be deep, heavy and progressive. With the opening track called 'Torus' and track names like 'Lapis Lazuli', you know this is going to fit in with the conscious and discerning listener. His trademark style of bringing drum and bass integrated with futuristic sounds is featured here, but also the grime vibes featuring Foreign Beggars on 'Step In' and ragga, dancehall vibes bringing MC Zulu and Fire Ball on 'Big Timer' and 'Fire Is On'. Other cool artists featured on this album are fellow mate DJ Krush and Kid Koala. With such a cool assemble of featured artists on 'Contrast', it's clear to see the respect DJ Kentaro has in the community of progressive musicians. Whatever the case, the production and ingenuity creates an engrossing album for sure!

We wouldn't expect a light-hearted lunch with DJ Kentaro, so 'Contrast' delivers a meaty main course for us to savour. What's cool about his album is that it shows musical integrity that is contemporary and progressive, but also enjoyable to listen to. It shows innovation, as you'd expect, but also song structure that is modern but palatable too. The industrial smashes and street punch brings realness to DJ Kentaro but we wouldn't expect anything less. Cool stuff!

Tareck Ghoneim

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