Review of Statement of Intent Album by Dj Format

Matt Ford aka DJ Format is back with his third album 'Statement of Intent' on Project Blue Book Records. There's no doubt Format is a true DJ talent, dropping hip hop beats and break beat styles that has earned him deserved recognition from the industry through his previous work and respect with emcees in America. Dj Format's third album continues on with his love for hip hop, continuing his reputation as a real stalwart in the game.

Dj Format Statement of Intent Album

The album starts with album track 'Statement Of Intent' and totally sets the tone taking it straight back to the old skool, with DJ hip hop skills, fresh beats and excellent delivery from Sureshot La Rock. Other emcees featured such as Edan, The Simonsound, Phill Most Chill and Mr.Lif all show a quality and enthusiasm to make this album exciting. There are plenty of references if you're a hip hop fan and great production to really get you moving. Another shade to this album features The Nostalgia 77 Quintet bringing a lounge cool sophistication to the mix. Overall it's a cool display of DJ ability mixed with real lyricists.

DJ Format should be happy with his third album! It genuinely reveals why hip hop is still relevant as the creativity and passion that created hip hop culture certainly shines through and sounds fresh. 'Statement Of Intent' is exactly that and the honesty and playfulness of this album shows talent. It's fun all the way and credit to DJ Format to staying true to what he loves. Nice!

Tareck Ghoneim

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