Dizzee Rascal promises his latest album 'The Fifth' is ''all big league''.

The rapper is readying the record for release and is confident the results will top his last, 2009's 'Tongue N' Cheek' - which produced three number one singles - because of the big name producers he has worked with, including long time collaborator Calvin Harris.

He told BBC Radio1: ''I'm at a point where there's so much music. It's mad.

''It's the best produced album I've done so far because of the calibre of producers I'm working with. It's all big league. It's like a party album.''

The star - real name Dylan Mills - added he's had time to rest over the last year while living in Miami, US, and felt revitalised when it came to making music again.

He said: ''This past year or so, moving to Miami, I've actually had a life,'' he said.

''I feel a lot more settled now. I'm coming out ready just really wanting to get out there, perform new music.

''I've been doing the same songs for a little while now, and it's cool, but it's nice to do some fresh material.''

So far no collaborations or other producers on the album have been confirmed, but Dizzee has previously previously worked with Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs on a track called 'Snap Ya Neck Back', which was released last year, but could be included on the album.