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Rascal Flatts Hit The Top

6th October 2004

RASCAL FLATTS have taken country back to the top of the American album chart by becoming only the second country group in history to hit number one on the BILLBOARD 200 list. The band's...

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Stipe Thrilled With Vote For Change Debut

4th October 2004

REM leader MICHAEL STIPE has praised BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN for coming up with the VOTE FOR CHANGE concerts because he thinks the politically-charged star-studded concerts will make history. The STAND singer performed alongside Springsteen and...

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Kid Rock Blasts Political Rockers For Ignoring The Troops

22nd September 2004

KID ROCK has blasted his rock peers who are involved with American politics - because none of them flew to Iraq to perform for their war heroes. The rocker wowed troops when he and...

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Dixie Chicks Have Another Blast At Bush

15th September 2004

Country trio DIXIE CHICKS are set to deal another blow to US President GEORGE W BUSH when they take to the stage for the VOTE FOR CHANGE finale and urge music fans to elect Democrat...

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New And Old Stars Make Up Long Shortlist Prize List

24th August 2004

LORETTA LYNN, WILCO, FRANZ FERDINAND, THE STREETS and DAVID BOWIE are five of the acts on the 70-strong nominees list for this year's (04) SHORTLIST MUSIC PRIZE for album of the year. The Los...

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More Stars Vote For Change

22nd August 2004

SHERYL CROW, surf rocker JACK JOHNSON and CROSBY, STILLS + NASH have climbed aboard America's VOTE FOR CHANGE TOUR. The newly-announced acts will join BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, the DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, PEARL JAM and R.E.M...

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Tv Ad Against Bruce Springsteen Tour

16th August 2004

American rocker BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN has been slammed for his upcoming concert tour to unseat current PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH. MARILYN O'GRADY, a CONSERVATIVE PARTY candidate for the Senate, has launched a television advertising campaign...

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Pearl Jam Back With Eighth Album

11th August 2004

American rockers PEARL JAM are reuniting to create an eighth studio album. The Seattle band will begin work on the LP after they reassemble in October (04) for their forthcoming live shows. Band...

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Mellencamp: I'm Anti-bush, Not Anti-republican

10th August 2004

Rocker JOHN MELLENCAMP insists that while he is eager to oust American President GEORGE W BUSH, he's not anti-Republican. The CHERRY BOMB star has joined BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, the DIXIE CHICKS and a long list...

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Springsteen Breaks Political Silence

6th August 2004

Rock legend BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN gave readers of yesterday's (05AUG04) NEW YORK TIMES newspaper a list of reasons to vote US President GEORGE W BUSH out of the White House this November (04). The BORN...

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Stars Gather In Effort To Oust Bush

5th August 2004

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and PEARL JAM have teamed up alongside an array of other musicians to host a series of concerts to try and oust US President GEORGE W BUSH. The gigs will take place...

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Dixie Chicks And Norah Jones On Shortlist Panel

2nd August 2004

NORAH JONES, the DIXIE CHICKS and JOHN MAYER are among the musicians who will select the third annual SHORTLIST MUSIC PRIZE this year (04). Others on the judging panel for the prize, which will...

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Jones To Judge Year's Best Album

2nd August 2004


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Springsteen Tour Dominates Touted Ticket Sales

12th January 2004

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN dominated not only America's concert box office last year (03), but also the second-hand market, where touters can resell unwanted tickets for much more than face value. STUBHUB.COM, an online marketplace, has...

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Dixie Chicks Hit Back At Cd-smashing Country Fans

4th December 2003

The DIXIE CHICKS have further distanced themselves from their country fans in the pages of fashion magazine VOGUE by insisting they're nothing like the people who smashed their CDs earlier this year (03). The...

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Korn + Dixie Chicks Rush Albums Out

19th November 2003

Rockers KORN and country queens the DIXIE CHICKS are putting out their new albums early in a bid to thwart Internet pirates. Korn's TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR and the Dixie Chicks' TOP...

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Norton Gets Behind Solar Power Initiative

5th November 2003

Movie star EDWARD NORTON has struck up a deal with power providers BRITISH PETROLEUM to provide low-income Californian families with solar power for their homes. The HANNIBAL star is trying to persuade fellow...

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Harris Chooses Her Crusades

10th October 2003

Country music veteran EMMYLOU HARRIS is careful to stay away from causes she knows nothing about - which is why she is a vocal supporter of the campaign to rid the world of landmines....

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Dixie Chicks Stay Strong

24th September 2003

THE DIXIE CHICKS will keep on speaking out against war despite s fierce backlash from the country music community. The American trio were ostracised by the Nashville establishment after they stated they were embarrassed...

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Dixie Chicks To Shun Country Music?

23rd September 2003

The DIXIE CHICKS have indicated they want to sever ties with country music, after the backlash they suffered earlier this year (03). During an interview with German magazine SPIEGEL, group member MARTIE MAGUIRE expressed...

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Dixie Chicks In Plane Crash Terror

21st September 2003

Country music stars THE DIXIE CHICKS were involved in a terrifying scare travelling in their private jet on Friday (19SEP03) - but refused to let the incident cause any disruption to their planned gig that...

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Country Music Stars Mourn Johnny Cash

14th September 2003

The DIXIE CHICKS and TIM McGRAW are among the country stars who took time out of their busy schedules this weekend (13-14SEP03) to mourn the passing of legendary singer JOHNNY CASH. The Dixie Chicks...

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Dixie Chicks Slam Arnie's Politics

9th September 2003

Outspoken country stars THE DIXIE CHICKS joined the growing list of celebrities opposing ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's bid to become California governor. The LANDSLIDE group - who famously created massive controversy after stating they were ashamed...

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Tobey Keith Ends Feud With Natalie Maines

29th August 2003

TOBY KEITH has called an end to his bitter feud with fellow country star NATALIE MAINES - because he's realised there are far more important things to concentrate on. The pair fell out when...

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Dixie Chicks On The Top Of The World

7th August 2003

Country rockers THE DIXIE CHICKS are likely to be the top grossing touring act in their genre this year (03) - despite the political controversy which has surrounded them. Singer NATALIE MAINES caused...

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Dixie Chicks' Tour Bus In Smash Accident

1st August 2003

The DIXIE CHICKS' tour bus was hit from behind on Thursday (31JUL03) while parked on a highway on the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas. EMILY ROBISON, the only member of the popular country trio...

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Dixie Chick Believes More Stars Should Speak Out

30th July 2003

DIXIE CHICKS frontwoman NATALIE MAINES believes the backlash she and her bandmates faced after her controversial comments would never have happened if stars weren't so afraid to speak out. During a performance in London...

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Dixie Chicks: "Use Your Vote"

22nd July 2003

Country trio THE DIXIE CHICKS are getting political again - by urging everyone to exercise their right to vote. The Texan THERE'S YOUR TROUBLE stars announced yesterday (21JUL03) they have joined forces with ROCK...

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Old-timers Top Ticket Sales

11th July 2003

BILLY JOEL and ELTON JOHN's joint tour is still raking in big bucks in America - it has been named the top money-earner of the past 12 months by music statistics company POLLSTAR. The...

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