Dita Von Teese ''respects strippers of all forms''.

The burlesque dancer doesn't distinguish between her raunchy strip teases and performances by pole dancers and says they are all related.

She explained: ''Initially, I worked in strip clubs, as did most of us that were at the forefront of the burlesque revival in the early 1990s, and I'm not ashamed to say it. I respect strippers of all forms. I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't wandered into a strip club and wanted to know more about striptease history. I've always been able to admire what makes a dancer an individual, whether it's really raunchy or tame.''

Dita also revealed she thinks stripping can be ''elegant'', it just depends on how it is done.

She told Collector's Weekly magazine: ''In my opinion, elegance has nothing to do with ''how much'' is shown and far more to do with the way one presents herself. I've seen beautiful, highly erotic, nearly pornographic shows that are more elegant than some burlesque acts. You can't equate the degree of nudity or suggestion, it's all about the overall way it's done.''