Dita Von Teese loves seeing extravagantly dressed people.

The burlesque dancer is famed for her glamorous sense of style and says she gets really excited when she sees someone taking a risk with fashion and not just following trends.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz ''I get really excited when I see extravagance on the street. My friend has this amazing project called Advanced Style. He's basically been documenting senior citizen ladies that have eccentric style and it's really amazing. It's just so colourful and joyful and vibrant to see people having fun with fashion and I think there's so much emphasis lately to try to fit in and be normal. I just wish there were more extravagant and more colourful people to watch.''

Dita, 40, says looking good has always been important to her and can't understand why people don't take put more effort into their clothes.

She said: ''When I was little I just wanted to wear my fancy dresses every day, you know my Christmas dress. And I couldn't understand why I didn't get to look nice every day.''