Dita Von Teese's HSN lingerie collection will have a retro vibe.

The burlesque beauty thinks her biggest retail collaboration to date - which goes on sale on April 24 - shows off her vintage vibe and knowledge of women's bodies thanks to its ultra-feminine pieces.

Dita told ELLE.com: ''I have a long-standing affection for lingerie, but also as most people know, retro style. And I really wanted to use the knowledge that I have from my first career when I was 15. I worked at a lingerie store as a bra-fitter and buyer.

''For this collection, I wanted to bring together fit, function, and affordability with touches of glamour and retro style.

The super-sexy lingerie line gives a nod to the 1950s and features delicate details like velvet ribbons, lace and sheer mesh, offering customers a taste of Dita's own covetable pin-up look.

Curvy poster girl Dita has ensured plus sizes are available for all style and the pieces will retail from $25 to $45.

Dita added: ''I've always loved having beautiful lingerie to wear in my every day life, and I've never saved beautiful lingerie just for seduction purposes or for when someone else is gonna see it.

''So it was really important to me to make these pieces work well under clothing and give good shaping. They are pieces that you can wear comfortably, so you're not compromising beauy and glamour for fit and function.''

Dita's new fragrance collection will also go on sale on HSN platforms at the same time, with her signature Dita Von Teese fragrance being revamped in a vintage-inspired black glass bottle and her Rouge perfume coming in a ruby-coloured one.