Paperman, the black and white animated love story from first-time nominee John Kahrs, looks like the favourite to take home the award for 'Best Short Animation' at Sunday's Oscar ceremony, with the Disney production currently the bookies favourite to win in the often forgotten category.

The film blends hand-drawn animation with traditional CGI to tell the love story in a very stylish way indeed. It's story revolves around a young man who meets a beautiful woman while on his way to work, seeing her again later during work. He then takes it on himself to do whatever he can to get her attention in what is a clearly written and brilliantly executed seven-minute story. But Paperboy has some stiff competition from the rest of the category and whilst it sits atop the pile on, as we know from experience the Oscars are not above throwing a few curve balls.

The hand-drawn Adam & Dog, by another first-time nominee, Minkyu Lee, has already won an Annie and is a joint effort from animators from Hollywood powerhouses Disney, Dreamworks and Pixar. With such big names already behind it and a win already in the bag Adam & Dog may be the one to swoop in and take the top prize from Paperman. Two stop-motion films, Head Over Heels and Fresh Guacamole, are the outsiders for the top prize, whilst The Simpsons' 3-D spin-off Maggie Simpson in 'The Longest Daycare' may be the dark horse in the race for the award. This short is a must or all Simpsons fans, but it is heavily reliant on referencing past episodes (the Ayn Rand School for Tots  anyone?), something that may greatly hinder it's chances.

It's been a 43-year dry spell but now seems like the perfect year for Disney to make a resurgence in the category it once dominated, whether it will deliver the good will have to be seen this Sunday.