A report from Reuters news agency suggests that Disney will soon be laying off staff from its consumer product division and studio. The loss of staff is expected to happen some time in the next two weeks, according to sources close to the company. The layoffs are thought to have stemmed from a company wide review and are taking place in order to cut costs. It is not currently known exactly how many jobs will be lost.

This follows the news on Wednesday that Disney had started to lay off staff at the 30 year-old games studio Lucas Arts that it had acquired with the purchase of George Lucas’ film company in 2012. Disney is focusing on licensing the Star Wars brand externally. There was no comment from Disney on the matter. Last year, Disney cut around 200 jobs from in Disney Interactive arm, when the company started to make the transition away from console games and towards online and mobile entertainment. An additional 100 jobs have been cut since then. Further cuts have been made at the company’s publishing unit, when it moved operations to Burbank from New York as part of a restructuring operation.

Disney's plans were not yet public when the insider spoke to the press. They did so on condition of anonymity, revealing that the studio job cuts will focus on the marketing and home video units, as well as a small number from the animation department.