It’s been done before and didn’t really work, but Disney think they can do something different by merging tangible action figures with an on-screen video game environment with Disney Infinity. This time, it’s a world building game, as opposed to PlayStations 3 battle arena style Eye of Judgement game, which really didn’t take off.

Disney Micky MouseMicky and Minnie will surely be involved

With Disney Infinity, players will be able the create action toys on a special pad, and watch them appear in the game. They can then build their own utopia in the style of popular Disney franchises, like Monsters Inc., The Incredibles and Pirates of the Caribbean.

"We wanted (playsets) to feel completely different," says John Blackburn, vice president and general manager of Infinity studio Avalanche Software. "Part of the reason we chose the properties we did is because they are very different from each other and they bring different gameplay mechanics to the table." (USA Today)

This all comes in the form of a starter pack, which will set you – a broke parent struggling to conceive why Disney keep doing this – back $79.99, and will plug in to an existing Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 console. "Kids are in love with Minecraft and being able to sculpt their own worlds," says Andrew Reiner, executive editor of Game Informer. "Infinity has the potential to do that with the most iconic characters."

DisneyAnnette can't wait to get her hands on Disney Infinity

Essentially, Disney are offering up a blank canvas for consumers, but providing them with a backdrop of familiar faces. Want to race Captain Jack Sparrow in Lightning McQueen on a racecourse built in the Monsters Inc. world? Of course you do – that’s all anyone wants to do – and now you can.

Disney have picked a smart time to try out this new medium of entertainment. With a next generation new consoles coming out, aimed at people with disposable income – as opposed to the kids that will want to play Infinite – we could see a slew of 360 and PS3 sales used to placate the kids while mum and dad try and watch Game of Thrones.