Anne Sweeney, who many believed to be the most powerful women in television, has just stepped down as one of Disney's most coveted executives.

The co-chair of Disney Media Networks and president of Disney/ABC Television Group leaves the entertainment company after 18 years of service, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The reason for this shock decision is so the 55 year-old can follow her real passion, which is film-making.

"What drives me now is . being immersed in the creative process," Sweeney told THR. "I have a lot to learn. But I would like to learn to be a director because I know I am not a writer and I am not an actor."

"And for the countless times I've been on our sets, that makes me a set visitor, that does not make me a director or a producer," Sweeney added. "So this is the place I intend to start. And I know I have a lot of shadowing to do. I have a lot of learning."

It was under Sweeney's command that ABC became the first network to start streaming shows online (2005), and her branch made a huge contribution to Disney's stock reaching $83.65 billion earlier this month.

Anne also released a statement on Tuesday (March 11th) which read, "I've been a part of an amazing evolution in our business and our industry, and have achieved far more than I ever thought possible. But as wonderful as the experience has been, there has always been a nagging voice in the back of my head pushing me to step out of the comfort zone of the executive ranks and more directly into the creative arena that enticed me to TV in the first place."

Ms Sweeney is expected to step down from her current employment in late 2014, just before her contract expires in January 2015.

Anne Sweeney
Sweeney will embark on a career as a director