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dios malos
I Want It All
Single Review

dios malos I Want It All Single

Fantastic! Gentle, melodic music at its best. Unfortunately unknown to myself until now, the LA band release I Want It All on the 27th February. Think The Thrills/ The Magic Numbers and the Beach Boys rolled into one and that will be close but no cigar to the sound of Dios Malos.This song just seems to sound better each time you listen to it. The band made it big in 2004 when one of their tunes was featured in the OC, but this hasn't put me off them and that shouldn't put you off either. American teenage cornyness aside, this is what sounds like a great band with the potential to produce some great almost summery sounds. This song makes you wish it was summer and you are out with your mates enjoying the sun. A must buy purchase for everyone.

Joanne Nugent

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