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Dido - Celebrities leaving BBC Radio2 studios.Central London. - London, United Kingdom - Friday 6th December 2013


Dido - NYC

She released her first album in five years earlier this year with 'Girl Who Got Away', but Dido fans will be pleased to know that she is now recently her first 'Greatest Hits' compilation featuring a brand new track entitled 'NYC'.

Better Than The Beatles? Coldplay Top Radio 2 'Favourite Albums' List

Coldplay Beatles Rolling Stones Dido Duran Duran Keane

Chris Martin can rest easy. It wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. It turns out that Radio 2’s listeners really do hold his band Coldplay in higher regard that the likes of The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. So much so, that they have voted the Coldplay album A Rush of Blood To The Head as their favourite of all time. Coldplay beat the likes of Keane, Duran Duran, Pink Floyd and Dido, who filled out the rest of the top five places.

The poll, according to BBC News, had been held to coincide with the BBC season The Golden Age of the Album and the station’s listeners voted on their favourite albums. The Coldplay album, released in 2002, sold over 2.8 million copies and included the singles The Scientist and Clocks. Jeff Smith, the head of music at Radio 2 said “Musicians such as Coldplay and Dido have struck a chord with listeners and are in good company in the top 10 alongside legendary bands like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, whose appeal remains undiminished after all these years.”

The Rolling Stones didn’t enter the chart until sixth place, with their 1971 album Sticky Fingers and The Beatles went in at eight, after The Pet Shop Boys, with Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

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Dido - Girl Who Got Away Album Review

As far as exposure opportunities go, having the world's most talked-about rapper sample your work is hard to top.  'Stan' was the catalyst for Eminem becoming a megastar, but the effect it had for a then unknown Dido wasn't too shabby either:  29 million album sales since make any other facts unnecessary.

Dido - Girl Who Got Away Album Review

Album four sees the songstress once again collaborate with her brother Rollo Armstrong of Faithless, a move that his electronic influences apparent on songs such as the title track and 'Let Us Move On', which features Kendrick Lamar.  Unfortunately, neither features the hooks or beats that had her brother's acts filling dance floors, instead trudging on in a pedestrian manner.  Still, they are better than the embarrassing verses of 'Blackbird', a number that would have been skipped had it not been unfair to review something not heard in full.  Much of Dido's past success is owed to her soft yet powerful vocal style and it is when she marries this to a similar soundscape that you remember why she sold so many records.  'No Freedom' and 'Sitting On The Roof Of The World' give her the platform to sweep you away, even when she is being melancholic as is the case on the former.  This approach isn't a guarantee of success though and by the time 'Day Before We Went To War' draws to a close the album has been a gruelling listen.  Slim Shady will be disappointed if he was looking for another sample to incorporate.

Alex Lai

Dido - Let Us Move On

We haven't seen hide nor hair of her for some time, but Dido has finally made a return to music five years since her last album. Celebrating the upcoming release of fourth album 'Girl Who Got Away' in 2013, she unveils her new single 'Let Us Move On' featuring Kendrick Lamar.