When Diane Kruger landed the role of Marie Antoinette in 'Farewell, My Queen,' the first person she called for advice was her good friend, the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who she describes as one of the most cultured people that she knows, in an interview with Wall Street Journal. "I've known him since I was 16 years old" explains Kruger "and today he's both a friend and a neighbor. He is obsessed with Versailles and Marie Antoinette. When I got the part of the queen, he was one of the first people I called and I walked over to his home and picked his brain for inspiration."
'Farewell My Queen' tells the tale of the French-Austrian queen's final three days in the court of Versailles. Kruger revealed that the sartorial detail in the film - which involved two hour daily wig and make-up preparations - helped her to understand her character. "The preparations became part of the character," she reveals, "helping me understand what Marie Antoinette's life must have been like." Off set, the former model has retained an interest in fashion and pays attention to her boyfriend Joshua Jackson's own clothing choices, too. "I love men's fashion, particularly Rag and Bone, which is one of my boyfriend's favorite brands. He doesn't like clothes that are too tailored or "fashiony"; sometimes I'll pick up pieces for him, but he's a big boy and can shop for himself."
For Kruger, though, 'fashiony' is where it's at and she appreciates the artistry involved in couture clothing: "I completely geek out when it comes to couture. It shows fashion as it used to be. I don't know how many people can actually afford the clothes, but in a way, that's beside the point."