Diane Kruger thinks she's too skinny because she forgets to eat.

The 'Inglorious Basterds' actress says she doesn't have to follow a strict diet or fitness regime because she is naturally skinny and eating often slips her mind.

The former model told the British edition of HELLO! magazine: ''I do watch what I eat, but not for weight reasons. It will sound really pretentious, but when I am really busy I forget to eat.

''I feel like I am a little skinny right now because I have just finished a movie and have been flying lots. I try to avoid all processed foods, too.''

The 35-year-old blonde beauty - who is dating former 'Dawson's Creek' actor Joshua Jackson - prefers to tone up the natural way, and stays in shape by exercising outdoors rather than doing dance classes or gym workouts.

She added: ''I only dance when I go out. For exercise, I tend to like the outdoors. In Paris, I rent a bike in the street and cycle around, and in LA I live up in the hills so I go hiking a lot.

''I like to stay fit by being generally active.''

Former model Diane also favours the natural look when it comes to makeup.

She explained: ''I feel like less is more, especially on the red carpet... I think that too much make-up takes away from your individuality.

''Luckily, I love make-up and I used to model, so I feel confident doing it myself.''