Actress Diane Kruger is relying on a young man with Asperger syndrome for advice on playing a cop with the condition in her upcoming Tv show The Bridge.

The German-born beauty is currently filming the new series, in which she stars as a detective diagnosed with the disorder, and reveals she has a consultant on set who ensures her portrayal is authentic.

She tells W magazine, "It's not your typical cop show. I have Asperger's, so it's a lot about (my character). (It takes) a lot of research. And we have a young man with Asperger's who is on set every day and he helps me. Because it's a way of life, it's not something you can just put on."

Those with Asperger syndrome have difficulty with communication and social interaction, and Kruger insists she identifies with her character's struggles.

She adds, "I'm actually not (socially adept). I can (be) when I have to be, but I'm really uncomfortable with people. But Asperger's is so much more than that. It's not just not being able to talk to people. It's certain situations that overwhelm them because they have a delay in their function. Everything is very literal."

The Bridge will premiere in the U.S. next month (Jul13).