Veteran actress Diane Keaton is relaunching herself as a lifestyle designer after landing a deal with a leading U.S. retail store.
The Annie Hall star, 65, has a keen eye for interior design and home decoration and she plans to use her unique style as inspiration for her new K by Keaton collection for the Bed, Bath & Beyond chain.
And she's encouraging fans to have more fun with the task of creating a cosy home environment.
She tells People magazine, "I'm much more interested in Americana, simple shapes and muted colours. I believe people should rethink their idea of home and play with it more. You can stay within your budget and still have fun changing it out! Your home is your playground too...
"Your home should be very light. Some of what decorates it are the people in it!"
Keaton's new housewares range includes duvet covers, lounge pillows, mugs and crockery.