Diana Ross stormed out of a restaurant after she was told she couldn't sit down.

The 68-year-old singer arrived at Beverly Hills eatery La Scala early for lunch with her daughter Rhonda Ross Kendrick, 41, on Thursday (03.01.13) but the restaurant has a policy of not seating incomplete parties unless they have a reservation.

After staff refused her request to be seated while she wait for Rhonda, onlookers say Diana walked over to a corner booth anyway.

Management explained their seating policy and said she would not be served if she didn't wait for her daughter, but she refused to move.

When Rhonda arrived, a scene ensured and both women reportedly stormed out.

Despite the commotion, the restaurant insist they would be happy to serve the former Supremes star in future.

La Scala owner Gigi Leon told the New York Post newspaper: ''I'm sorry that Miss Ross had a problem with that and she feels that the rules didn't apply to her.

''Our policy is that we don't sit incomplete parties. If people jump the line, our policy is we don't serve them, and she was told that.

''We treat everyone the same whether you're famous or not. We love having her as a customer. We'd be happy to have her back.''