Russell Grant has made the shocking claim that he foresaw Princess Diana's death back in 1997 and warned the royal not to travel with Dodi Al Fayed. In another astounding allegation, the astrologer claimed that Diana was murdered. The UK's Daily Mail reports that Grant was talking to the Radio Times when he made his accusations, saying "I basically said their relationship was so fated it was going to end in tears, and she died on 31 August."
Grant, who's made a comeback into the public consciousness in the UK with appearances on celebrity reality show 'Strictly Come Dancing', also suggested she was murdered on that fateful night in France, saying "She was a wonderful, fabulous, glorious person' he said of Diana. 'A pity she was murdered," going on to add "Who knows who did it? I think there are questions still to be answered, but don't ask me. I sought closure on that and I've got it." A confidante of Diana's during her life, the star-gazer also said he repeated warned her off Al-Fayed, stating "I warned her. I said: 'Don't go there, love. Just don't go anywhere with him [Dodi Fayed]. You've got to knock this on the head."
There has been, as yet, no official response to the allegations.