The world can’t get enough of Diana. In most recent news, a rare photo Diana Spencer, prior to the Princess Of Wales era, has surfaced.

In the candid shot, believed to be taken somewhere around 1980, is marked with “not to be published”. An odd choice, because, far from scandalous, all the picture shows is a teenage Diana, lounging at a Swiss ski chalet, with a young man reading behind her. The photo was reportedly acquired by The Daily Mail on February 26, 1981, just days after the announcement of Diana’s engagement to Prince Charles. The picture was sold to the Caren archive years later.

Now the photo with a long history is set be auctioned off, starting January 17th. It is being marketed as a “salacious teenage image of the future princess”. "This would certainly not be the way the Royal Family would have wanted Diana to be presented at that moment," Eric Caren, owner of the Caren Archive, told the Daily Mail. "Given that two days before her engagement had been announced." Everything makes the picture sound extremely in appropriate, but, if you ask us, all it does is make the over-sensationalized Diana look (dare we say it?) normal.